The Rundown: Start Your Engines

As you’re racing towards a three-day weekend, some of the world’s top F1, NASCAR and Indy drivers are preparing for some of their own big races in the next few days. Here’s a speedy rundown to get your mental engine revvin’.


The checkered flag is near,

The Last Night’s Game Team


  • Déjà vu. The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to the NBA finals after dominating the Boston Celtics last night. Now, for the third year in a row, it'll be the Cavs vs the Golden State Warriors in the finals. Each team has won once, so you could call this a tie breaker. Dun dun dunnn.


  • An unlikely inductee. A whole slew of baseball legends will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Saturday (find the full list here). Animated dad Homer Simpson also landed a spot in the Baseball HOF this year in honor of the 25th anniversary of the classic Simpsons' episode “Homer at the Bat.” Maybe ballparks will start opting for donuts instead of cracker jacks?


  • Beautiful backdrop. F1 racers will take to the track in Monaco this weekend. This course is arguably one of the most stunning in the world. Let’s hope the racers don’t get distracted by the view.


  • A man of many talents. The Indy 500 is also this Sunday, and all eyes will be on Fernando Alonso for this one. Alonso made an unprecedented mid-season jump from F1 to the Indy 500 (two totally different racing styles), and he did well enough in qualifying and to start in fifth place!



  • America is falling head over heels for the Nashville Predators (NHL- National Hockey League). It could have something to do with the fact that Mr. Carrie Underwood, Mike Fischer, is on the team, OR it could be because the team was a #8 seed (meaning they had the worst record) and are now going to the Stanley Cup Final. This will be the first time for the Predators to ever go to the final round of the playoffs, and it could be a tough one. They’re going up against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the defending NHL champs.  


The Rundown: 5 Things To Know About The Indy 500

One of the biggest highlights of every Memorial Day weekend isn’t the famous baked beans at Uncle John’s BBQ, it’s the Indianapolis "Indy" 500 race. Don’t worry today’s Rundown has all you need to know to carry on a conversation with anyone at said BBQ.


Hot dog or hamburger?

The Last Night’s Game Team

Five Things To Know About The Indy 500

  1. The Indy 500, called “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway aka the Brickyard. It’s called the Brickyard because the track used to be made of bricks, which are still exposed under the asphalt at the start-finish line. It’s a tradition to kiss these bricks. We can confirm that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention did not come up with that idea.
  2. Scott Dixon set the pole (see Coaches’ Corner) for this year’s Indy 500. He was going so fast in qualifying, a mere 232 MPH, that he thought his dashboard was broken. Later that same day, Dixon and another driver were robbed at gunpoint at a local Taco Bell. The cherry on top of the day.
  3. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman will serve as honorary starters for the race. Gyllenhall is set to play Bauman in an upcoming movie. This is the first time two people will wave the green start flag. The anthem will be sung by singer Bebe Rexha.
  4. Pippa Mann is the lone female driver in the race. For the fourth straight year, she'll use this spotlight to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and prevention. 
  5. Not into racing? Don’t worry. Within the race track is the “The Snake Pit,” which hosts EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concerts during the race. It's no Preakness port-a-potty races, but close. 


  • The Dancing With The Stars finale came down to two athletes, former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross and NFL (National Football League) player Rashad Jennings. The judges and America voted and the athlete with the best moves is Rashad Jennings. While it’s no Super Bowl ring, the current free agent (he’s looking for a job) took home the famed mirror ball trophy.

Sideline Stat

  • The crowd at this year’s Indy race is expected to be over 300,000 people. That’s slightly behind the 350,000 at last year’s 100th anniversary race. For perspective, the second largest sporting venue in the U.S., behind the Brickyard, is the University of Michigan’s football stadium and that holds 107,601 fans.

Coaches’ Corner

  • What is pole position in auto racing? The pole position is the number one position to start the race. Drivers have to qualify beforehand by driving the track. Typically, the driver with the fastest time from qualifying is slotted into the pole position. In this case, that's Scott Dixon.